3:05- The day is over. Thank you for reading the blog, and we hope you enjoyed!


2:57- Everybody’s projects have been exported. Group photo!

Everbody in one picture!


2:50- Still exporting projects, even though the deadline was 20 minutes ago. The amazing reports are making up for it though.


2:40- Everybody is still exporting their projects onto the Willink blog website.


2:30- Everybody is exporting their finished reports. We’re very excited to see the results!


2:25- Everyone is too stressed to answer questions. Selfies are our last resort.

We’re waiting for everyone to finish. Can’t wait to see the final reports!


2:22- 8- minutes left! Things are getting intense. Everyone is stressed about getting their reports done.

Andrea, Beth and Caitlin- Closing shots!

Everyone is stressed! (And editing!)


2:11- We interviewed Asher(A) and Zac(B).

Q: How are you finding the BBC News Report so far?

A- “Fun.”

B- “Better than Lessons.”


Q: Do you think the report is going well?

A- “Yes.”

B- “It’s taking a while to edit.”


Q: What do you think you’ve learnt so far?

A- “A lot of time is put into news videos.”

B- “A lot of time is put into the news.”


Q: Are you considering taking up media in GCSE?

A- “No.”

B- “No.”


Q: Do you think the experience gained from the BBC School News Report will help you in the future?

A- “Yes.”

B- “Yes.”



Everyone else is editing.


2:00- One hour left!

Zac and Asher- Last few shots before it’s finished.















13:09- We interviewed everyone on what they learnt.

Sophie: “How to record an interview.”

Beth : “That I’m not very good under pressure.”

Livvy: “How to edit.”

Caitlin: “Doing this is a lot harder than expected.”

Andrea: “How to edit.”

Beth : “How to use cameras.”

Hannah: “How to edit.”

Isla : “How to edit.”

Harry: “How to edit.”

Tom: “It’s best not to buy jam doughnuts whilst editing.”

Isla : ” How to prepare for an interview.”

Sadie: “How to use a camera.”

Cameron:“How to edit”

Max: “How to use a camera and edit a video.”

Asher: “How to film a video.”

Jasper:“I improved on my editing skills.”

Zac: “How to use a camera.”

Erin: “How to write a blog.”

Poppy: “How to use a camera and write a blog.”



Tom and Harry- Editing

Sadie, Jasper and Isla- Editing

Isla and Hannah- Editing

Beth, Sophie and Mrs Close. Editing.


12:21- Last few interviews before editing!

Andrea, Beth and Caitlin- Interviewing Yan.


Andrea, Beth and Caitlin- Interviewing Maisie.


11:46- Interview with Livvy about the BBC School News Report.

Q: How are you finding the BBC School News Report so far?

A: “It’s fun. And I’m enjoying it because I get to learn new skills and stuff.”


Q: Do you think your report is going well so far?

A: “Well, it’s going ok so far.  We’ve had a few slip ups, but it’s going good.”


Q: What do you think you’ve learnt so far?

A: “Well, right now I’m learning to edit, and I’m hoping to learn new camera angles.”


Q: Are you considering taking up Media in GCSE?

A: “Yes, definitely.”


Q: Do you think that the BBC School News report will help you in later life?

A: “Yeah, I think it will help in the future because it gives you experience and stuff.”


11:24- Started editing. Can’t wait to see the reports! Looking good so far.

Cameron- Editing, editing editing. And more editing!


11:06- Interviews underway! Lots of great footage ready to create the reports.

Isla and Sadie- Interviewing Jordan about charities and sport.

Beth and Sophie- Interviewing Mr. Rakowski about gender equality in drama.



On break!



Asher and Jasper setting up their first shot.



Beth and Sophie- Recording the introduction. Can’t wait to see the final result!



Max and Cameron are researching budget cuts in music equipment.



Sophie and Beth: Gender Equality in sports.

Livvy, Caitlin, Andrea and Beth: Lazy students and why the government is to blame.

Hannah and Isla: The Willink School 60th anniversary.

Harry and Tom: Sport variety in schools.

Isla and Sadie: Fitness decline in schools.

Cameron and Max: Budget cuts in music equipment for schools.

Asher, Jasper and Zac: Kids playing over-age games.



Beth, Andrea, Livvy and Caitlin are doing a story on lazy students.


Hello, we are Erin and Poppy and we will be running the Live blog for today!