Hi soon to be year 12,

Mr Ballantyne and I would like you to complete the following over the summer.

Task 1 – Analyse two advertisements, thinking about different audience responses to them.

a) Read the article – An Introduction to Media Concepts. Summarise the key points on MAXIMUM one page of A4 under the following headings: – Media Language, Representation, Audience, Institution

b) Read the article – Can analysis be creative?

c) Pick two advertisements from the provided list that may have different responses to them.

    • Explain what the narrative/story is of the advertisement. Who might respond in different ways to that narrative?  For example, an elderly audience would respond differently to the John Lewis Man on the Moon advert than an audience of teenagers would.  Who do you think the target audience is and why?
    • How is sound or language used in this advertisement? To what effect?
    • What controversy might there be around this advertisement – who might be offended by it?
    • Can you talk about how camera angles/shot types are used within this advertisement? What do they highlight for us?  Use http://www.empireonline.com/movies/features/film-studies-101-camera-shots-styles/ to help you with names of shots and their uses.
    • Can you talk about visuals – what do we see? Why?  Who is cast within this advertisement?  Why?
    • How is the brand presented? What words would come to mind when you describe them?  Is this similar to previous advertisements that they have produced?  How?You may present your work as continuous prose (800-1,000 words combined) or you may choose to make a power point.

    You may present your work as continuous prose (800-1000 words) or you may choose to make a powerpoint.



    Task 2 – Create a movie poster about you or why you chose to take media or your media consumption habits using codes and conventions of real film posters


    You should try and follow the conventions for film posters.

    Research several film posters on the web first.

    You should also think about the placement of: The title, a strapline, actors; names, graphics, the title block, some quotes from critics.