Year 13 Media

Year 13 – Stop Press – Beyoncé and her twins announcement

  I would strongly suggest that you spend a bit of time looking out for audience responses.  The above is a fair point.  The @hurrahforgin is a great piece of UGC.  So much conversation about the genders of the children and the name choices.  Definitely fulfils Dyer’s star theory...
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Year 12 Media

Summer work Year 11-> 12

Hi soon to be year 12, Mr Ballantyne and I would like you to complete the following over the summer. Task 1 – Analyse two advertisements, thinking about different audience responses to them. a) Read the article – An Introduction to Media Concepts. Summarise the key points on MAXIMUM...
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Media Groups

Panorama – What Facebook Know About You – MEST 3 New & Digital Media

This week’s Panorama was a goldmine for MEST 3 NDM. As a revision exercise, watch the 30-minute documentary and answer the following questions. Facebook is thought to know more about us than any other business in history, but what does the social network that Mark Zuckerberg built do with...
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