BBC News School Report

WATCH- Gender Equality in YOUR school!!

School is something that we overcome daily, but we don’t think about things like gender equality as we work hard to get those grades! We have been investigating gender equality in our school from the drama department to the PE courts, teachers to students. Opinions vary massively!! Gender equality...
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Activity Week 2014

“It tastes like disappointment!” – Victoria & Maddie investigate the Maths Smoothie Task

Hi, we’re Victoria and Maddie and as part of the media team, we went around the school to interview some pupils about what they have been doing during activity week. Watch our video here: The year 8 students we interviewed, Sam and Phoebe Turner, were telling us how...
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Tuesday’s Report by Chloe, Maisie and Holli

Hi i’m Chloe and today two of my friends Holli and Maisie and I interviewed some of the teachers and students in Willink school about their second day of activity week. Watch our video here: Firstly we interviewed a boy in year 8 called Jack, he was enjoying...
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